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Logo qMetro qMetro it's a simple subway map for searching stations and calculating route. About 200 maps of subways are available. Maps have an open format and can easily be edited or created. By default the package includes biggest subways of the World, and you can easy download other available maps into this app.

Available maps for cities:
Amsterdam, Ankara, Athenas, Baku, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Bucarest, Budapest, Buenos-Aires, Cairo, Caracas, Copenhagen, Delhi, Helsinki, Kiev, Kuala-Lumpur, Lisboa, London, Madrid, Manila, Medellin, Mexico, Minsk, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Praha, Pyongyang, Roma, San-Paulo, Santiago, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Tehran, Tokyo, Toronto, Tunis, Warsaw, Washington, Wienn ... and for many others!




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Maps © Muradov Boris